Why Boostify?

About this project

Websites nowadays to be fast.

Loading and interaction speed is key for a website’s performance and its search ranking on Google. To speed up websites and centralize resources, this library was created. Initially, I focused on developing methods for injecting styles and scripts, as well as offering additional functions for embedding videos, among other features.

Being able to trigger events at specific times was straightforward,but combining everything in one organized library turned out to be very useful.

Finally, as I mention at the begining, Google Page Speed is quite important, so that’s why we also incorporate a function to get those scores from your site, easely.


We’re open to all kinds of feedback, not just for new features but also for enhancing our coding practices. Let’s work together to turn this library into a powerful tool that simplifies everyone’s tasks!


This is a side project that I’m currently working on. If you have any doubts please let me know! Follow me on Linkedin to get the latest updates.